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For executive teams, McKinsey is offering a facilitated session to embed new practices and reinforce team foundations in support of collective leadership during these challenging circumstances.

COVID-19 is radically prioritising how senior leadership teams operate

Institutions globally are facing unprecedented disruption, and now, more than ever, the requirement of present and active leadership is of paramount importance.

Whether visible or not, employees, customers, shareholders and the media are now looking at senior leadership teams of all organisations for transparency, clarity, and direction.

It is our core belief that the practices of connectedness, learning, and adaptation, will ultimately determine the effectiveness of executive teams.

McKinsey can deploy an expert leadership coach to assist in bolstering these practices

At no cost, McKinsey will facilitate a workshop aimed at bringing a top-team closer together with the objective of high performance during crises.

Workshop details:

  • 2 hours
  • Hosted remotely (via virtual platform, hosted by McKinsey)
  • As a dedicated session to focus on group dynamics and new practices
  • Based on McKinsey’s core leadership suite of beliefs, practices and tools, and based on a proven executive team level recipe

What do you need to accept this offer?

  • Top-team commitment, including attendance of the CEO
  • 30 minute preparation call with CEO and McKinsey facilitator
  • A nominated point of contact for planning and logistics
  • To express interest in this support please email academyprograms@mckinsey.com

“Yesterday's adaptations are today's routines.”

Ronald Heifetz, The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World

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